The Importance of a Gutter System

If your gutter becomes clogged, the excess water cannot properly drain. If the rainwater is heavy enough it may work its way into your home.

We have quickly approached everyone’s favorite season. Fall brings the cooler temperatures, football season, baseball playoffs, and the perfect atmosphere for hikes around your favorite Minnesota lake. The leaves in the vast landscape of trees change to a picturesque range of yellow & orange and begin to fall. Those leaves, while providing a momentary photo-op for Facebook or Instagram – end up getting stuck right in the gutters! This leaves homeowners with the backbreaking task of manual gutter maintenance.

If you clean your own gutters, you know that there is nothing more daunting than climbing up on a ladder and scooping a soupy mixture of leaves, dirt and debris out of your gutters. Sometimes you may even find a decaying critter up there! Yikes! But, with a gutter system installation, you can finally sit back and enjoy the spoils of the beautiful Minnesota fall season without having to worry about what concoction is clogging up your gutters this year.

Gutter systems are powerful guards against leaf and needle clogging. They are also effective at protecting your home from other problems associated with subpar gutter systems you may currently have (sometimes even unbeknownst to you). As gorgeous as the fall can be, with it can come large amounts of rain. If your gutter becomes clogged, the excess water cannot properly drain. If the rainwater is heavy enough it may work its way into your home – which is exactly where you do NOT want the heavy rains to end up.

Fall, of course, precedes the winter, and Minnesotan’s know – winters are no joke! Homeowners must worry about winter weather in ways that homeowners in say, Arizona, do not. The icy cold temperatures & wet winters make Minnesota prime territory for various roofing nightmares, particularly – ice dams. When snow builds up on a roof, the warmth of the house can melt the bottom layer of snow. That bottom layer then refreezes overnight and expands in the process, creating an ice dam. The ice dam will often force its way under the roofline, doing damage in the process. Dam(n)! Gutter installation and a new gutter system is a proven defense against the wreckage of the Minnesota ice dams.

If a new gutter system or maintenance is something you are considering, then you have come to the right place! Here are a few things to look for while searching for a way to safeguard & protect your home:

  • Find a reputable company that offers a complimentary gutter inspection. If you are simply unsure if you are in need of new gutters, let the experts provide an inspection – at no cost to you!
  • Research fair gutter pricing. Find a company that has positive reviews for a top-notch product at a reasonable cost. Look to protect your home at a price you can afford. Who doesn’t love affordable protection & assurance?!
  • Research the range of styles of gutter systems that are on the market. Be sure you find the best gutter system that pairs perfectly with your home’s unique style and colors. A trusted company will be willing and able to make the best suggestion for your budget and style of home.
  • Inspect your new gutter system, check to verify that the fit is seamless and will hold up for decades.
  • With the ever-changing fickle weather conditions of Minnesota, it is important to look for a timely completion because you never know when that wind is going to blow or that thundering snowstorm is imminent!

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